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Do you love getting your nails done? Is it something you do regularly or for special occasions? Whether you do your nails on a regular basis or only once in a while, you will find a quality service at our nail salon that will give you results that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Our licensed nail technicians have years of experience, giving them the skills necessary to transform your ordinary nails into the glamorous works of art you can proudly put on display!

Providing the most professional nail care in Dothan, we work with both women and men. Unlike some others, our nail salon only use safe quality products, which allows you to get your nails done without having to be exposed to any dangerous chemicals.

We offer a number of nail services, including:

Natural nails services

Manicure - Includes lotion massage, nail trimming and buffing, cuticle. clipping and nail polish change.
Deluxe Manicure - Similar to the manicure, yet also includes an invigorating scrub and a soothing soak.
Non-Chip Manicure - Uses natural products to help strengthen your nails.
French Manicure - Includes white tips, giving you a classy look.
Polish Change - To any shade of your choice.

Artificial nails services

• Acrylic nails (full set)
• Acrylic fillings
• Acrylic French tips (full set)
• Gel nails (full set)
• Gel fillings
• Gel nails French tips (full set)
• Liquid gel (full set)
• Liquid gel fillings
• Liquid gel French tips (full set)
• Pink and white
• Long tips
• Silk wraps
• Acrylic overlay
• Gel overlay
• Color change
• Sculptured nails

For all of our nail services, we offer group packages and discounts. This can be great if you have a prom, wedding or other special occasion coming up soon. Call us today at (334) 671-9999 for more information.

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